Business Outline

Business Outline

Main Business Contents

The Fuji Media Holdings Group comprises seven business segments, centered on the Broadcasting segment, and including Video and Music, Life Information, and Urban Development. The Fuji Media Holdings Group also operates a broad range of businesses in partnership with the Fujisankei Communications Group and other affiliated companies with which it has close business relationships, as well as makes social contributions through culture and art.



The Broadcasting segment is the core of the Fuji Media Holdings Group, producing terrestrial and satellite (BS and CS) television broadcasts, and radio broadcasts. The Broadcasting segment also creates programming and a variety of other content and entertainments, encompassing a broad business range that includes movies, events, a streaming platform (FOD), anime, and content licensing.


The Production segment is the “content factory” that plans and creates television programs, movies and other video content, as well as live events. It has highly specialized knowledge in such areas as direction, technology, art, and editing, and produces many programs and shows.

Video and Music

The Video and Music segment produces and sells package products including TV and movie DVDs and music CDs, in Japan and overseas. Its operations also include production of anime and other video content as well as music software, live concerts, streaming, and an international music copyright business.

Life Information

The Life Information segment operates a direct marketing business utilizing catalogues, television programs, and ecommerce, under the Dinos and Cecile brands.


The Advertising segment operates a media communication business that includes advertising for various types of media, production of TV commercials and advertisements, as well as event planning, production, and operation.

Urban Development

The Urban Development segment creates and furnishes comfortable urban and living spaces, including office building development, leasing and management, operation of commercial facilities and restaurants, and apartment sales and leasing. It also has a tourism resort business that includes operation of hotels and marine leisure facilities.


The Other segment includes a wide range of businesses, including book and magazine publishing, the planning, development, and operation of game titles, building of IT systems, and a human resources business, as well as market research related to media and lifestyles, overseas business development, and cultivation of new businesses.

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