Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Conservation

Fuji Media Holdings, as an environmentally conscious media group, provides information on the current status and various issues concerning the environment, from the global to local level, through television, radio, newspapers, the Internet and other media outlets, as well as publications, music and other creative works. Through these activities we reflect and act on environmental issues together with viewers, listeners, readers, users and consumers.

Fuji Media Holdings recognizes that its first responsibility as a media group is to report on the environmental issues the world is facing today, and to share with the citizens of Japan the importance of thinking about and acting on these problems. To meet this responsibility we provide information on such issues as the current state of global warming, methods to conserve energy and resources in the home, and development of new environment-related technologies. We also participate in the environmental activities of the Fujisankei Communications Group, such as the Grand Prize for The Global Environment Award.

Further, to lessen the environmental load resulting from our business, Fuji Media Holdings ensures that it complies fully with all relevant laws and regulations, takes every opportunity to revise business procedures in a way that reduces CO2 emissions and conserves energy and resources, and continually implements and improves measures to protect the environment.

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