Business Outline

Business Outline

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The Fuji Media Holdings Group comprises three business segments centered on the broadcasting business: "Media & Content", "Urban Development, Hotels & Resorts", and "Other". The scope of operations also includes a broad range of businesses conducted in collaboration with companies of the Fujisankei Communications Group and other affiliated companies, as well as a social contribution program for culture and art.

Fuji Television Network, Inc. Fuji Satellite Broadcasting, Inc. Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. Sendai Television Inc. Kyodo Television, Ltd. Fuji Creative Corporation Fuji Art, Inc. FUJI MEDIA TECHNOLOGY, INC. NEXTEP TV WORKSHOP Co.,Ltd. Pony Canyon Inc. Fujipacific Music Inc. DINOS CORPORATION Quaras Inc. Fusosha Publishing Inc. Fuji Games, Inc. The Sankei Building Co., Ltd. GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. Sankei Building Asset Management Co., Ltd. Fujimic, Inc. Fuji Career Design Inc. Fujisankei Communications International, Inc. SANKEI SHIMBUN CO.,LTD. Fujiland Inc. Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corp.

Media & Content

The Media & Content segment is centered on terrestrial television broadcasting, with a broad range of businesses including satellite (BS and CS) broadcasting, radio broadcasting, streaming platforms, content production, games, music, advertising, publishing, and direct marketing.

Urban Development, Hotels & Resorts

The Urban Development, Hotels & Resorts segment includes office building development, leasing, and management, operation of commercial facilities and restaurants, and apartment sales and leasing. This segment also includes a tourism resort business that operates hotels and marine leisure facilities.


The Other segment encompasses varied businesses, from IT system architecture and human resources businesses to market research on media and lifestyles, overseas business development, and new business cultivation.

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