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代表取締役会長 宮内正喜 代表取締役社長 金光修

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all stakeholders in Fuji Media Holdings Group.

Fuji Media Holdings Group recognizes its public duty and social responsibility as a broadcaster, and has established a basic management policy of contributing to fuller and richer lives for all through a broad range of business activities centered on media content, urban development, and tourism.

During the fiscal year ended March 2023, the business environment for Fuji Media Holdings entered a new “post-corona” stage, with continued transformation of the profit structure as the streaming and content businesses expanded at group companies, and a strong recovery in the tourism business.

Based on the newly formulated Medium-Term Group Vision, Fuji Media Holdings will continue to deliver a wide variety of content and services to viewers and users through a range of media and sales channels, aiming for sustainable growth and enhanced corporate value.

Thank you for your continued support of Fuji Media Holdings Group.

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