Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Policy

Fuji Media Holdings, building on the experience and performance acquired by its Group companies, aims to be the representative media conglomerate of Japan, with a solid reputation both domestically and abroad as a new media group operating in a wide range of fields centered on broadcasting. The purpose of our CSR activities is to achieve this long-term vision, to gain the support of viewers, listeners, readers, users, consumers, shareholders, investors, business partners and others from across all walks of life, and to ensure sustainable growth for Fuji Media Holdings.

Contribution to Society

Fuji Media Holdings remains constantly aware of its role in contributing to society as a media group. We draw on the unique nature of that standing to provide information on natural disasters, artistic and cultural events, and a range of other activities to support society.

Environmental Conservation

Fuji Media Holdings, as an environmentally conscious media group, provides information on the current status and various issues concerning the environment, from the global to local level, through television, radio, newspapers, the Internet and other media outlets, as well as publications, music and other creative works. Through these activities we reflect on environmental issues and act together with viewers, listeners, readers, users and consumers.

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