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■Intellectual Property Rights


(1)Except as otherwise expressly stipulated, all information published on this site including photographs, images, text, site design, and logos are the copyrights of Fuji Media Holdings, Inc. (hereafter, “Fuji Media Holdings”) or the original rights holders. Except for personal use and other limited purposes, reproducing, publicly transmitting, and making transmittable information on this site without the express written permission of the copyrights holders and neighboring rights holders is illegal, and constitutes a violation of copyrights or neighboring rights under the Copyright Law and other legislation.

(2)The photographs appearing on this site are protected by digital watermarking copyright management software, and are deleted after the publication period. The information included in the digital watermarking software is considered “rights management information” under the Copyright Law, and any addition, deletion or alteration of this rights management information constitutes a violation of copyrights.

(3)Violations of copyrights or neighboring rights are subject to punishment by imprisonment for a term of up to five years and fines of up to ¥5 million (up to ¥150 million in cases when a representative of a legal person commits violations in connection with business), or both. Violations of copyrights and neighboring rights are also separately subject to demands for suspension of use and compensation for damages from Fuji Media Holdings and other copyrights and neighboring rights holders.

(4)Quotations from this site must be for purposes consistent with fair customary practices, and within the range justified for the reporting, criticism, research or other purposes of use. Please note that quotations must display the copyrights holders and sources, with clear distinctions showing the relations between the copyrights on quoted materials and the copyrights on works quoting those materials.

(5)Unauthorized republication, reproduction, broadcast, public transmission, translation, sale, or rental of information on this site that exceeds the range of personal use or quotations as defined under the Copyright Law may be subject to punishment under the Copyright Law. Such use requires the prior written permission from Fuji Media Holdings.

(6)Please use this form for inquiries regarding usage permission, copyrights, links, and trademarks.


Unauthorized use of the name “Fuji Media Holdings” or of the names, logo, or characters of Fuji Media Holdings services by individuals or entities other than Fuji Media Holdings is prohibited in principle, as it may cause confusion with Fuji Media Holdings. Names and product names of other companies which appear on the Fuji Media Holdings homepage are the trade names or registered trademarks of the respective companies.

○Patent Rights

The technology and business model patents used on the Fuji Media Holdings homepage are protected by the patent laws of Japan and other concerned countries. These technologies and business models cannot be used for commercial purposes without the express written permission of the rights holders. Please contact the individual patent rights holders directly for inquiries regarding permission to use patent rights.

■Suspected Violations of Intellectual Property Rights

Please contact Fuji Media Holdings using this form if you have any concerns that the contents, services, technologies or other aspects of this site may violate privacy or intellectual property rights. Fuji Media Holdings will examine the concerned contents, services, technologies or other aspects in response. However, this does not constitute a promise that the issues will be resolved.

■Revisions to this Page

Fuji Media Holdings observes all laws and norms governing personal information, and reviews and updates the Company’s personal information protection policy as appropriate. Moreover, the approach to protecting privacy and handling intellectual property rights on the Internet is rapidly changing along with the development of technology. Accordingly, the usage terms and conditions of this page may be changed without notice. Important changes will also be announced on the Fuji Media Holdings homepage.

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